Secondary STEM incursions

We make things fly. For real!

Secondary STEM incursions.

With aviation and aerospace industry professionals

It’s Rocket Science Adventures Secondary STEM incursions for years 7-10 extend student knowledge and skills with our advanced design solutions and fair testing challenges.

Fair testing projects will challenge and develop students’ understanding of the physics, chemical sciences and technology behind rocketry and space flight. Students will use their inquiry skills to discover, experiment and find solutions to scientific problems through engineering, design and problem solving challenges. 

Tailor-made secondary STEM programs

Looking for something specific to feed into your unique senior high school subjects? We can tailor any program to the outcomes you need.

We also offer rocket launch packages for your showcase or ‘taster’ days, to introduce your feeder schools to the opportunities available at your secondary school. Just ask us how.

Corinda SHS Velocity
Beechcraft propellar
Physics Forces Flight

Year 7

Physics, Forces and Flight

Daily life is shaped by forces in motion. Introduce physics to your students and explore how the types of forces affect the motion of a simple flying machine. Using scaled instruments, investigate and analyse the forces that affect the altitude performance of your rocket.

Speed and velocity

Year 10

Speed and Velocity Challenge

Develop your students’ understanding of speed and velocity. Learn how speed, mass, G-force and energy affect aerospace design and apply this knowledge to their rocket design, testing variables to produce the fastest flight.

Chemical rocket launch

Years 7-10

Advanced Rocketry Challenge

In this STEM workshop, students will investigate the science and physics behind rocket flight and the exchange of thermal energy and launch your own chemical-fueled model rocket! Participants will take home a reusable model rocket.

*Additional costs apply for resources in this workshop.

Junk Pile Engineers

Years 7-10

Junk Pile Engineers

A design solution project to creatively extend your students’ skills and knowledge with the absolute freedom to construct a rocket of their own design. Students must modify their rockets between flights, examining variables to optimise their design to achieve the greatest flight distance.

Astro Egg

Years 7-10

Astro Egg

The egg drop experiment has been launched out of this world! Students build a water rocket booster and parachute to keep their ‘astronaut’ safe, but the challenge is for Astro Egg to survive launch, booster separation, parachute deployment and a safe return to earth. His life depends on you!

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Kindy & ELC

1 hr | max 25 children


/per student
60 minutes

Primary and Secondary

60 minutes | 30 students max


/per student
60 minutes

Primary and Secondary

90 minutes | 30 students max


/per student
90 minutes

*Price excludes GST. Minimum booking fee $500. Additional travel fee may apply to your service location. Click here for full Terms & Conditions.

Want to bundle multiple classes or year levels with a Teacher PD?

Is this a show or exhibition that you watch?

ANSWER:  It’s Rocket Science Adventures have participants completely immersed in the rocket science experience from building to launching their very own water rocket.  Our team is fun and engaging and we guarantee our ‘challenges’ are suitable for all ages, fitness levels and abilities, where skills are developed in a progressive and sequential manner.

Are the rocket experiments safe?

ANSWER: It’s Rocket Science Adventures take launching rockets very seriously. Safety first is our practice. Instruction in safety procedures and safe handling of equipment will be provided by the facilitator prior to field experiments. ALL workshops are covered by our Public Liability Insurance. We have an Activity Provider Risk assessment and all our facilitators and technicians are qualified to identify, reduce or eliminate potential risk of harm to all participants and will continue to be closely evaluated. We provide special considerations for participants with medical, behavioural or special needs who require additional assistance or support to ensure their participation is enjoyable

What is your service area?

ANSWER: Generally our service area is Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Ipswich & Toowoomba, however, we do coordinate interstate travel so give us a call for more information.

What if we have more than one class participating in a school incursion?

ANSWER: We can accommodate multiple classes for an incursion and can assist with scheduling throughout the booking process. It may require more than one facilitator for the day or you may prefer the option of scheduling incursions over several days if required to accommodate all of the classes.

What is the maximum group/class size?

ANSWER: The maximum group size is 30 students per session.  For larger or multiple classes we recommend separate sessions.

Will additional assistance be required?

ANSWER: The incursion facilitator will liaise with the classroom teacher or facility manager to assure each rocket launch team will be supervised by a responsible adult such as incursion facilitators, class teacher, teacher aids, or parent helpers to manage the activity safely. Provisions for individual students with medical, behavioural or special needs who require special considerations will be assessed by the classroom teacher prior to the incursion taking place to secure the additional supervising adults that may be required.

How do we pay?

ANSWER: Once a booking has commenced, a confirmation of booking and invoice will be provided.  Payment is due by within seven (7) business days of the invoice date and payment via direct bank transfer is preferred and need to be received by our account by the event date.

When do you supply Blue Card, Certificate of Currency and risk assessment details?

ANSWER: We will email all relevant documents for the workshop as required by legislation once the booking process is commenced.

What happens if it rains?

ANSWER: If it is raining at 7:00am on the day of the workshops and showers are predicted all day, or should there be moderate we weather, lightning associated with thunderstorms or high winds that may affect or endanger life or property, a decision will be made by the company Director by 7:00am on the day of the event to cancel the event.  The organisation’s booking contact will be notified, participants will be emailed and official social media profiles will be utilised to announce this decision.

Are the workshops suitable and accessible for all?

ANSWER: Yes, we welcome all ages, fitness levels and abilities and have developed our programs to accommodate everyone. We aim to make all participants comfortable and fully participate in activities.  Please email us ahead of time of relevant needs and we will endeavour to provide satisfaction.

We love to help to make your next incursion the best it can be.

As with any group undertaking a workshop with your school, there will be plenty of questions. Here we have tried to list as many answers to those we often get asked to give you peace of mind before booking your next water rocket adventure.

If we haven’t answered your question, please get in touch; we’d love to help.

Cran Middlecoat
Industry professionals

All our programs are facilitated by real world aviation and aerospace industry professionals. Our Founder Cran has been flying since he was 16 and like our other facilitators, loves sharing his first hand experience with flight and space science to inspire and educate students and provide pathways to careers in STEM professions.

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