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Discover the wonders of flight and space science through our aviation and rocketry based STEM incursions. Tailored for all ages and abilities, our safe and exciting experiment based programs are aligned to the Australian Achievement Standards. Our facilitators are qualified aviation, rocketry and education specialists. We provide compliant risk assessments, public liability insurance, and registered Blue Card instructors.

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STEM incursions for schools, OSHC and vacation care that are educational, experiment-based, and aligned with the Australian Curriculum standards, providing the unique opportunity for children to be a rocket scientist for the day in a safe and empowering educational environment!  Explore the science wonders of rockets, flight and space and experience the thrill of building and flying your own water propelled bottle rocket over 60 metres high.

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•  Lesson Plans & resources
•  Student handouts
•  Insurance certificate
•  Thorough Risk Assessments
•  Blue Card Compliancy

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Providing the rare opportunity to experience the exciting field of rocket science, students will conduct experiments not just observe a demonstration. Our live and challenging incursion experience has Queensland educators eager to ignite the curriculum with fun!

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  • Full safety and liability certificates
  • Fun memorable learning experience

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