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School STEM Workshops & Events

For Student Learning & Teacher’s Professional Development

Primary STEM Classes

We use flight and space science as a spectacular platform to create learning pathways in STEM subject areas of the Australian Curriculum. With real-world experience in aviation and aerospace, we’ll inspire young minds. Our unique rocket launch system is an exciting way to engage and get hands-on with real science, technology, engineering and maths solutions. Read More…

Secondary STEM Classes

It’s Rocket Science Adventures Secondary STEM incursions for years 7-10 to extend student knowledge and skills with our advanced design solutions. We also have tailor-made secondary STEM programs if you’re looking for something specific. Plus rocket launch packages or taster days for an introduction to our programs. Read more…

OSHC Coordinators

It’s Rocket Science Adventures runs OSHC and vacation care STEM adventures they won’t forget. We make the world of rockets, flight and space science extraordinarily fun, hands-on,  and achievable for all ages and abilities. Read more…

STEM for Schools

Keynote Presentations

Build & inspire your team to reach their potential

Keynote Presentations

Cran Middlecoat is someone who’ll inspire the attendees at your next event. His personal story of survival and reinvention will help you see your own potential is unlimited.  His keynote presentations are engaging and will leave you feeling motivated to achieve your goals.

Cran struggled at school and was the quiet kid at the back of the classroom. He struggled with traditional learning. This helps Cran to be that hands-on motivating educator that he needed so much.

“Forces mainly invisible to human perception are what make flying possible.  The same can be said for inspiring and motivating another human being. We are placed on this Earth to make a positive difference in the lives of others, I relish speaking at conferences and at schools as it gives me the opportunity to be a positive influence on many people.” Cran

Contact Cran today to get more information on how he can transform your event.