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Australian Achievement Standards made awesome

We use flight and space science as a spectacular platform to create learning pathways in STEM subject areas of the Australian Curriculum, with practical, experiment-based learning.

We bring skilled and experienced industry professionals to your classroom and your school oval to explore the science behind rockets, flight, forces, the laws of motion and and everyday applications of STEM.  Predict, observe and evaluate the performance of your water rocket made from recycled items. Seeing is believing as your rocket launches safely 60+ metres into the air. 

We come to you with everything done. All resources and lesson plans are provided for your STEM incursion.

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STEM incursions for

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We’ve got every year level covered, from kindy and early learning right through primary and secondary year levels.

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Our incursions for Prep/Foundation to Year 3 focus on how things move, the properties of materials, the effect of forces to make things fly and design and use of sustainable materials.

In years 4-6, our incursions explore forces in greater depth, consider our place in space, technology, sustainability and energy transformation.


High, Higher & Highest

Year 1

Living & non-living

Year 2

Push and Pull

Year 3

Sustainable Space

Year 4

Flying Forces

Year 5

My Place in Space

Year 6

Watt are the Chances?

Composite: Prep – Year 3

Go For Launch

Composite: Year 4 – 6

Go For Altitude

In years 7-10, we challenge and develop secondary students’ understanding of design and technology, physics, forces, chemical sciences and sustainable thinking behind rocketry and space flight.

Year 7

Physics, Forces & Trigonometry

Year 10

Speed & Velocity Challenge

Years 7-10

Junk Pile Engineers

Years 7-10

Advanced Rocketry*


Primary and Secondary

60 mins | 30 students max.


60 minutes

Primary and Secondary

90 mins | 30 students max.


90 minutes

Kindy & ELC

60 mins | 25 students max.


60 minutes

*Price excludes GST. Minimum booking fee $500. Additional travel fee may apply to your service location. Click here for full Terms & Conditions.

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Incursions Covered

1) Thorough risk assessments
2) ACARA mapped workshops
3) Public Liability Insurance
4) Blue Card compliant
5) Lesson plans and resources
6) Backed by leading national rocketing institutions

Download our Primary and Secondary Program Overview for more details on our programs and curriculum links.

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