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World Teachers’ Day coffee the ideal pick me up

Morningside State School

For Morningside State School, winning free coffee for staff on World Teachers’ Day has been a needed boost to launch into the end of the school year.

The school was the winner of a promotion by STEM educators It’s Rocket Science Adventures to provide free coffee for staff on the international day to recognise the commitment and care shown by teachers.

The school P&C association got behind the promotion, inviting parents to add their comments to the Facebook post, ensuring they were the winning school.

Morningside State School P&C President Suzanne Newman said that the free coffee was a gift that came at the right time for teachers.

“For our teachers in particular it’s been a pretty tough couple of years. Just over two years ago, one of our buildings burnt down and it’s fantastic that we’re getting this new building—it’s nearly ready to be opened and for us to move in. But a lot of the time for the teachers when they look at the new building I know they’re thinking about the old building, so it will be great to be in the new building and be able to move forward,” said Ms Newman.

“Then this year with COVID restrictions, teachers have been amazing and extremely creative with the way they have delivered the curriculum. That’s not just because they have to but because they want to.

“Coming into term 4, they must be exhausted. So to be able to win this for them on World Teachers’ Day, is awesome. They’ve come to pick up their coffees with big smiles on their faces and it’s fantastic and they totally deserve it.”

Founder of It’s Rocket Science Adventures, Cran Middlecoat, said the promotion was especially important this year.

“We work with teachers who have always gone above and beyond, but this year we’ve also seen how teachers have been essential for keeping a sense of normal for students,” said Cran.

“We’re celebrating that commitment on World Teachers’ Day with free coffees for all the staff in the school community.

“We hope that all teachers, not just Morningside State School, feel valued and a small dose of appreciation that will keep them going into hopefully a more positive 2021.”

It’s Rocket Science Adventures deliver in-school STEM incursions and online learning opportunities using their unique water rocket launch equipment as a tool for teaching the science, technology, engineering and maths subject areas of the curriculum.