Secondary STEM incursions

Our Secondary STEM incursions.

60 or 90 minutes I Max of 30 students per session

Pick from our advanced Secondary STEM challenges for year 7 and above which extend student STEM knowledge and skills with our advanced design solution and fair testing challenges.

Fair testing STEM projects will challenge and develop students’ understanding of the physics, chemical sciences and technology behind rocketry and space flight. Students will use their inquiry skills to discover, experiment and find solutions to scientific problems through engineering, design and problem solving challenges.  

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STEM The Lakes College
Advanced High School Incursions

Junk Pile Engineers

A design solution project to creatively extend your students’ skills and knowledge with the absolute freedom to construct a rocket of their own design for a successful flight.  Do they have the right stuff?

Astro Egg

The egg drop experiment has been launched out of this world! Use our exclusive Recovery System, where Astro Egg must survive launch, booster separation, parachute deployment and a safe return to earth. His life depends on you!

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Advanced Rocketry

Rockets are the oldest form of self-contained vehicles in existence. In this STEM workshop, learn the science and physics behind rocket flight, investigate the exchange of thermal energy and launch your own chemical fuelled model rocket!

Velocity Challenge

This project will develop your understanding of speed and velocity. Learn how speed, mass, G-force and energy affect aerospace design. Investigate variables in your rocket design to produce the fastest flight.