Kindy incursions

For little learners

1 hour I Max of 25 children per session

Aviation and space based incursions encourage children to use sensory learning, exploratory play and be challenged with new vocabulary to discover the wonders of flight in a realistic way. Aligned to the Early Years Learning Framework, our interactive mobile airport and rocket range
will stimulate curiosity, support enquiry processes and help them make connections with the bigger world.

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Rockets for Rookies

What makes a rocket fly? Create your own rockets from craft materials to build paper rockets and balloon rockets then design your own flying machine.

Water Rockets

Understand things that move, gravity and space flight as young rocketeers will create and control the launch of their very own water propelled rocket to several planets… all from a simple soft drink bottle!

Air Show

Epic outdoor air show, a skilful display of flight demonstrations with drones, model aeroplanes and various rockets…

Little Aviators

Climb on board, strap into the flight harness and experience imagination-fuelled flights in a real-life aircraft set up in as an airport at your location.

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