Intermediate STEM incursions

Our most popular incursions.

60 or 90 minutes I Max of 30 students per session

Our intermediate STEM workshops for years 4-6 offers your students an indoor or outdoor experience creating water rockets or exploring how aeroplanes fly.

This is science in action! Explore the science behind rockets, flight, forces, the laws of motion and use scaled instruments.  Experience the excitement as you predict, observe and evaluate the altitude performance of your water rocket made from recycled items. 

We come to you with everything done. All resources and lesson plans are provided for your STEM incursion.

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Go For Altitude

Space science in action! Learn how forces, Newton’s laws of motion and gravity interact through rockets and flight. Experience the extraordinary fun of rocket science using fair testing to create and test the altitude performance of your own bottle rocket. 

Junior Aviator

How do aeroplanes fly? How can you get a heavy aeroplane to take off and stay in the sky? Put Bernoulli’s principle and Newton’s Third Law of Motion to the test. Discover the four forces
of flight; lift, gravity, thrust and drag through a series of interactive experiments!

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