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Our COVID-19 Safe Policy

By June 3, 2020August 12th, 2020News, Updates

Update August 2020: We can send you a copy of our COVID Safe Statement of Compliance and Industry Approved Plan for outdoor education providers. Just contact us.  

As a business, and as a family, It’s Rocket Science Adventures are committed to doing everything we can to limit the spread of COVID-19 and to act responsibly within the guidelines and recovery plans set by the government and health authorities.

When it is safe and acceptable to do so, we will host events, strictly adhering to physical distancing requirements and appropriate numbers of people at events. We will take the following precautions:

Implement physical distancing

  • Our rocket launch pads will be set up to ensure 1.5m between each rocket scientist. We ask supporters and participants to remain behind our safety line as always, but also maintain adequate distance from other launchers.
  • We will provide extra table space for building your rockets.

Limit our workshop numbers

  • Our workshops usually have number limits to ensure personalised attention for each rocket scientist. At special events with larger groups, we will ensure we comply with number limit guidance from the Queensland Government.

Ensure thorough and regular cleaning of our equipment

  • At the start and end of every workshop session, we ask all participants and accompanying parents to use the hand sanitiser available.
  • In between sessions, we will wipe down all equipment, including rocket launch triggers, tables, pens and our play plane as appropriate.

As restrictions ease, we are looking forward to helping you get outside and engage with STEM in a spectacularly fun way.

Thanks for your support.

Cran, Sarah and the It’s Rocket Science Team.

It's Rocket Science Adventures