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It’s Rocket Science In A Box is a water rocket kit and online learning solution combined. When you ‘borrow the box’, we send you our custom designed launch equipment and give you online access to lessons, learning pathways, videos and extra links and resources – aligned with the Australian Curriculum for every year level Foundation – Year 10.

You’re then free to explore the science behind rockets, flight, forces, the laws of motion and more on your timetable. Supported with how-to guides and videos for peace of mind, its simple click and connect assembly gives you a quick setup, to get your class launching and into inquiry mode in no time. We have designed our equipment with a priority on performance, safety and flexibility in mind. It’s Rocket Science In A Box an inclusive and engaging learning tool for students of all ages, abilities and learning types.

What’s in the Box
  • 2 x Launch pads with easy action triggers
  • 1 x Pump
  • 1 x Air line
  • 2 x Trundle wheels
  • 1 x Launch lubricant
  • 2 x Clinometers and altitude calculation table


What to look for when comparing water bottle rockets

Check out all the Box inclusions and curriculum connections in our shop.

Online Resource Portal
  • Teacher and student videos
  • Primary lesson plans Foundation-Yr 6
  • Secondary learning pathways on Speed & Velocity, Go For Altitude and Sustainable Design Challenge
  • ACARA curriculum mapped lessons
  • Student worksheets
  • How to Videos
  • Additional lesson ideas, links and resources
  • Risk Assessment templates
  • Warranty & Support

We know that our water rockets:

  • fly higher and faster, every time
  • are safer and more inclusive for all abilities
  • adjustable launch angle – great for fair testing and safety

Our online e-learning resources are developed by a team of teachers and real-world STEM professionals who work in the field of aviation and rocketry. Your school can have its very own complete ACARA mapped teaching kit providing your students with lessons they will not forget.

Once you see it, you’ll want to use this resource every day of the year, for every student in your school.

Borrow the Box on a 1 month, 1 term or 1 year subscription.

Borrow the Box today!

It's Rocket Science in a Box kits are now available on a 1 month, 1 term or 1 year subscription! Borrow the Box for the time that suits your class - or your school!

Launch Systems

Custom designed educational Launch systems

It’s Rocket Science Adventures exclusive launch system with easy use trigger will propel rockets over 60 meters into the air. This exclusive system is easy to assemble, easy to adjustments to the angle of launch and allows students to launch 2 rockets simultaneously.

Bottle rocket class starter kit

30 sets of rocket parts to get started

It's Rocket Science in a Box comes with a starter kit of recycled nose cones and 3D printed screw on fins for easy assembly. All you need is the recycled soft drink bottles!

Data and charting resources

All you need to record a successful lesson

It’s Rocket Science in a Box includes all the measuring devices required for fair testing including trundle wheels, clinometer angle trackers and online access to observation and data recording sheets. You can measure your launch angle and distance, allowing you to calculate altitude and velocity in our secondary lessons.

Lightweight Storage

Durable and easy to store

It's Rocket Science in a Box comes shipped to you in a lightweight, lockable storage box with wheels for easy transportation to your launch site.

Worksheets, templates and media

Certified digital resources for your lessons

Our 40+ lessons, worksheets, templates and videos have been written by Civil Aviation Safety Authority licensed airline pilots, drone pilots and certified rocketry specialist alongside Australian teachers, transferring key knowledge and skills to the education industry.

Borrow the Box

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Warranty and Support

We've got you covered

We will replace any faulty or damaged equipment at any time during your subscription, simply contact us via the Rocket Portal. You can also use the Rocket Portal to book a support call if you are having any trouble with our system or need assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rocket Science in a Box?

It’s Rocket Science in a Box is both a physical and digital STEM resource. It combines physical equipment with a digital library of ACARA mapped lesson plans, work sheets, templates and videos. The Box includes 2 custom designed launch pads and everything you need to launch simple water rockets 60 metres into the air. Hands-on rocketry is the perfect vehicle for integrating the disciplines of STEM with the wow factor to engage minds of all ages. It’s Rocket Science in a Box is  designed specifically for teachers and students to explore the wonders of aviation, aerospace and rocket science. Experiment-based STEM lessons have been written by Civil Aviation Safety Authority licensed airline pilots, drone pilots and certified rocketry specialist alongside Australian teachers, transferring key knowledge and skills to the education industry. 

Do I need to be an expert in Rockets to use this?

ANSWER: No, It’s Rocket Science provides support and all the information you need to be able to successfully use this resource with your students. We offer videos, instruction sheets and teacher information sessions.

Why It’s Rocket Science in a Box?

ANSWER: It’s Rocket Science In A Box is the ultimate unlimited STEM resource that can be used by every student in your school, multiple times. There are no exhaustible supplies for you to replace. Regardless of whether you have 8 students in a one-teacher school or teach in a large inner-city campus, we are committed to eliminating the geographical barriers for Australian teachers and students to access future-focused learning resources.

How is It’s Rocket Science different from other STEM programs?

ANSWER: It’s Rocket Science Adventures have ingeniously combined 40 years of aviation, aerospace and rocketry industry expertise into a box direct to your classroom. Our exclusive, international award-winning aerospace invention provides a spectacular STEM resource for the enquiry pathways being used in education nationwide.

Who is It’s Rocket Science in a Box for?


Our programs are suitable for students of all ages and all abilities. Perfect for time poor educators, who can now access readymade design solution and STEM teaching units with real-life opportunities to apply the curriculum with practical, experiment based fun. 

Our program has been hugely successful in engaging students with special needs, levelling the playing field for every child to learn effectively. Activities are spectacularly fun so students who dislike learning or struggle to understand new concepts will learn subconsciously.

Who created the It’s Rocket Science program?


Founded and created by Cran Middlecoat, a Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) licensed airline pilot and drone pilot.  Flying since the age of 14 years, he was a student with an obsession for a field that wasn’t accessible in the typical classroom. He dreamed big and now has over 20 years aviation experience from Aerial stock mustering, flying clinic runs for the Royal Flying Doctor Service in outback Australia, and flying the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, his qualifications include a Flight Crew Licence, AROC, RePL (Drones) in the fully unlimited category (i.e. any drone, anywhere, anytime). 

Cran is also a self-confessed Aerospace Geek, with a serious tinkering habit.  His Award-winning aerospace invention created a spectacular STEM resource for the enquiry pathways being used in education nationwide.

We love to help to make your next STEM lesson the best it can be.

As with any group undertaking a workshop with your school, there will be plenty of questions. Here we have tried to list as many answers to those we often get asked around our popular STEM product ‘It’s Rocket Science in a Box’.

Outcome Based

All our programs are created to not only generate bucket loads of fun but that skills and knowledge are equipped through each of our programs.

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